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      Astra brand comes from2000Years1Month,Is the world's famous tower porcelain Brick brand,Since the foundation of the brand,To create high-end personalized ceramic tile。Astra focus on color ceramic tile ceramic tile in the field of product development and design,Turning ideas into every product and design,For the modern architecture and home Life constantly surprise。
      With its astra ceramic tile“International quality,Service in China”For the idea,To widely Big consumers pass a high-end brand culture,Life and continuous mining The quality of internal demand。Astra product design both as building surface Or indoor space applications,They express their brand elegance。
      Astra ceramic tile market-oriented、Quality as a fundamental、Service as guarantee,Jas. Special products sell well in the world,In Europe、America and other parts of Asia Their own distribution channels,Every piece of ceramic tile,Represent special products and the quality of the Innovation,Represents the astra unique product design concept。
      Frank、Brand personality and innovation,Break the traditional rules,Acme of self, Pay attention to inner,Yearning freedom without being limited by the secular,Brave stressed self consciousness,Enjoy the difference,Filled with pure and fresh、The perceptual。
      This is me——Astra ceramic tile

    Astra ceramic tile  Excellent quality

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    • Industry informationIn ceramic net new talkfest these guests said what?

      ▲Ceramic net talkfest attending guests in the New Year Ceramic enterprises how to have the capacity for independent innovation? ▲From the left:Chen Wei Onions、HuoJianMing、Bibi 2、Ceramic enterprises how to accurately grasp the pulse of the market? The issue is the foshan, managing director of rectilinear propagation ShenZhi HuoJianMing dialogue、ICCDirector of ceramic tile market Wu Kaiyi。